About the Artist    

Pacific Northwest wildlife artist Kell-y Turnbull has been contributing to art, education, and animal rescue for two decades. A disabled artist, Kell-y has donated their time and art extensively to Washington State auctions and educational programming including biomimicry workshops (nature-inspired-innovation) and outdoor exploration opportunities for youth.

Kell-y has fostered, rescued, and rehabilitated dozens of birds, reptiles, and animals, from hedgehogs to pit bulls. Their art auction donations have supported animal shelters, domestic violence prevention programs, and schools.

Kell-y is a naturalist and a student of anthropology, animal physiology, and wildlife rehabilitation. Beginning largely in wildlife portraiture, the artist experiments in a wide variety of mediums, from pen and ink to resin and soapstone. They have discovered fine silver sculpting to be their preferred medium.

Kell-y's work is available straight from their art table, by custom craft upon request, or on the shelf at Gargoyles, in Seattle. And, occasionally, at local arts or holiday fairs, and conventions like Norwescon. Their pocket coloring book the Abridged Bestiary Companion may be found on Amazon.  

A Letter from a Fan          

Under the Evergreens  

Born and raised in Washington State, Kell-y is a Pacific Northwest artist whose inspirations are drawn from the human experience, this green place itself, and the various extraordinary beings she shares her world, her home, and her life with...

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